Providing a seamless lettings experience for every tenant

Rooms and Properties to Rent in Crewe, Nantwich and further afield

With over 10 years of combined experience in the property industry – we’ve managed it all: from 1-bed properties to 88 bed HMO’s. We use state-of-the-art systems to ensure our tenants have the utmost experience, renting from Amana.

Alongside Whatsapp, we have developed our own internal systems to ensure we’re accessible to our tenants 24/7, 365 (yes, even on Christmas day!) To assist in any way that we can.

Renting with Amana will be different to anything you’ve experienced with any other letting agent before. We are available, patient and no problem is too big or small; we have rooms and properties for tenants with poor or no credit, unemployed tenants, working tenants that haven’t rented before – you name it, we can help.

We often hear “I don’t want to rent from a letting agent” – we get it, which is why not all of the properties we advertise, we manage. We have a number of landlords working with us to find a quality tenant for their property so if you prefer to deal directly with your landlord – we can arrange this too.

Now that we’ve got your attention – why not take a look at the properties we have on offer…

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Amplo Lettings | Property Management Crewe | To Rent in Crewe
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Amplo Lettings | Property Management Crewe | House to Rent | Nantwich |

Dealing with this agency has been pleasure. They treat you with respect and have immensely taken the stress away from moving. Could not recommend Amana Lettings enough. Sophie was brilliant from start to finish, and the move-in box they provided was a lovely welcome gift when I moved in.

Claire, Tenant of Amana Lettings

I recently rented a room from Amana. Zoe was incredible. She gives you her phone number (not an email like most places), so she can get back to you straight away. Any issues I had during my 6 month tenancy were resolved promptly and professionally. I couldn’t have asked for me. If I was staying in the area I’d continue to rent from them. Couldn’t speak more highly.
Kimberley, Tenant of Amana Lettings