Q&A with our lettings manager, Sophie Goulding 

We sat down with our amazing Lettings Manager Sophie for a little Q&A about the life of a Lettings Manager and let us tell you now, we have had some weird and interesting questions! 

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Sophie Goulding - Lettings Manager

1) What’s the most random thing that’s happened on a viewing?

Being asked to leave the bathroom whilst showing a perspective tenant round so they could use it – literally USE it. Tip for any tenants reading this – just let us know if you need the loo on a viewing, please!

2) What’s the best thing about your job?

Helping people take the stress out of renting! We update you along the way and are genuinely here 24/7. We always have a solution for you, no matter your background – if you’ve never rented before, have CCJ’s or perfect credit and £50k in the bank but no references – we always, always have a suitable solution.

3) What’s the most frustrating thing about your job?

The most frustrating part of the job is when it comes to the referencing and tenants asking for updates. Unfortunately, we’re not able to speed the process up and it can take a few days for it to complete. There’s been a few occasions when people would ring or email every hour asking for an update and I wish referencing was that quick! 

4) A piece of advice that you would give to first time tenants?

Make sure you know what is expected from you when you are applying to rent a property. Employer reference, landlord reference, credit check etc. so the process is as smooth as possible for both you and your letting agent.

5) What piece of advice would you give to first time landlords?

Make sure your property is at a standard you would want to live in. The standard of your property will reflect in the standard of your tenants. I know investors are always told “don’t furnish it with emotion” but it’s 2022, and people are looking for their next level HMO, they don’t want “basic” they want stuff they can photograph and put on Instagram.

A great way our landlords and investors do this is by wall quotes and quirky designs on the walls.

6) What is the weirdest feedback you’ve had from a viewing?

Will you buy me a new wardrobe? Can you reserve the parking space just for me (although it’s a 6 bed HMO)? Will you order me a memory foam mattress for my specific back problem? Not necessarily feedback but definitely weird requests…

7) What’s the most common question you receive from tenants?

Common questions are about the other tenants (HMO), people always want to know who they are or if they work, I once had a guy give me a really weird look and ask “does he actually live here?!” on a viewing, needless to say he didn’t apply for the room! – or about utilities (BTL), if there’s parking etc… All things that are in the advert but definitely things that make such a difference on rentability.

8) What makes Amana different from any other letting agent?

Amana genuinely cares about their tenants as much as their landlords and I feel like that’s hard to come by with letting agents. They all seem “for the landlord” but with Amana, we like to always come across more like a mediator which I love. We have always been fair with deposits and always present themselves as the “good cop” and help paint landlords in a good light.