£22.9 Million plans to regenerate crewe signed off

There are already a number of reasons why you should invest in Crewe from HS2 and being the central hub for the network rail to large employees such as Bentley Motors and Leighton Hospital. However, an ambitious plan to regenerate Crewe Town centre has been signed off on Thursday 9th December.

The Government’s Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities have revealed seven areas of the North West have been approved to implement plans to improve high streets, town centres, strengthen transport links and create new jobs.

What does this mean for Crewe?

Crewe will be receiving £22.9 millions of funding to complete a project list which includes:

  • Lyceum Powerhouse, a music venue and space for creative industries
  • Restoring the former swimming baths on Flag Lane into a community hub
  • A new Youth Zone located at Oak Street car park with satellite facilities at Mirion
    Street on the size of the former Crewe Youth Centre
  • A green corridor into the town center with new cycling and walking route
  • The Cumberland Arena will be seeking funding for a new spectator facility whilst
    cash will be funnelled into making improvements at right ‘pocket parks’

Last year, Crewe Town Board was formed to draft a Town Investment Plan outlining the projects and initially bidding for £25m of funding.

Crewe - New Regeneration Plans

What’s happening in the rest of the North West of England?

Across the country, 101 Town Deals have been put in place. In the North West, Crewe, Birkenhead, Darwen, Nelson, Runcorn, St Helens and Millomall signed their final deal agreements bringing the total Towns Fund Investment in the North West to £486 million.

In Runcorn the funding win of £23.6m will be used to invest into turning empty high street shops into a Creative and Digital Skill Centre. Whilst in St Helen’s £25m allocation will deliver a medical glass research facility and Birkenhead £25million will be spent to improve connectivity between the town centre and the Mersey waterfront.

These approved plans will have a massive positive effect on Crewe and the North West of England. With Crewe being a popular town to live in already, the improvements to the area will encourage more people to move to the area and most likely increase house prices in the future.

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