Most people believe they need to work really hard, save all their money, buy a house and start again. That isn’t always the case.

There are multiple ways to invest in property (in terms of financing). I’m going to do a 4 part post series, on 4 different ways to invest in property.

PLEASE NOTE: property investing is very complex. If you lack experience in the industry you WILL most likely lose money. It’s the equivalent of trading on the stock market with little to no experience. You’re destined for failure.

With that said you need to understand the game inside out before you start investing other people’s money, or your own.

I learnt the craft by working for people within the industry (property developers, letting agents, builders). I still to this day have mentors that are way ahead of me, guiding me through to success. And I still make costly mistakes and constantly learn from small failures.

If you’re at a standing start and you have money to invest. Invest with someone who is experienced first, and learn that way. If you have no money, you might not think it, but you’re very lucky. Having no money demands that you get creative and find ways of raising finance. Which in turn these posts will point you in the right direction.

Tune in tomorrow where we start the journey to financial freedom together!