How to be a Greener Landlord?

If you’re thinking about renting a property out but wish to make greener choices, there is plenty you can do. Whether it is at the refurbishment stage, energy provider or the final touches just before your tenant moves in, there are lots that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and make your property more sustainable and energy efficient. 

Doing a refurb? Think of the Boiler and Windows

If you have purchased a property that you’re thinking about doing up, it’s a good idea to make some energy-efficient changes at the refurbishment stage.

If the property is quite old or hasn’t been updated for a while, you might need to change the boiler. If you choose to go for a combi boiler, you will be going for a more energy-efficient option and reducing your gas and water costs at the same time.

If the windows are being replaced, double or triple glazing will keep the property warmer and block more sound out from outside (very useful if the property is on a busy street).

LED lights


Lastly, little things such as changing the light bulbs to LED lights can highly reduce your carbon footprint. Another benefit of LED lights is that they last a lot longer and they cost a lot less – equalling to saving you more money!

These changes will also contribute towards the property having a higher EPC rating and from 2026, rental properties will need to have a C standard rating. So, as well as reducing your carbon footprint, you will be compliant with the new changes.

Choose to go for a Green Energy Provider

More and more energy providers use renewable energy sources such as wind turbines or solar to power our homes. 

Alternatively, if there isn’t a green energy provider available, look to see if the company does a split (some may use 50% fossil fuel and 50% renewable energy) or if the company does anything to counteract their carbon footprint.

Green solutions in your property

You can’t determine whether your tenant will be making greener choices however, you can put things into the house to help them encourage to do so: 

  • Separate bin in the kitchen for recycling
  • If you provide a welcome pack/gift to new tenants include sustainable products such as metal straws, reusable coffee cups and reusable shopping bags
  • Choose appliances for the property which has a high energy rating
  • Add a food waste bin to the kitchen
  • Plant flowers, shrubs and bushes if you have a garden

Wherever is possible, we firmly believe that we all should make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. As part of our Green Promise, we will plant one tree for every property that we take on and where possible, we will always pick the greener option.