We promise to choose a sustainable and greener choice

We plant one tree for every property that we take on.

Yes, that is right! For every property that we take on, we will plant one tree to offset our carbon footprint as part of our Green Promise.

How else do we try to be greener?

  • Keep printing to a minimum but when we do we use Recycled paperĀ 
  • Recycling in our office
  • Switched all office lights and light bulbs in our properties to LED
  • Recommend green energy providers to our tenants and landlordsĀ 
  • Every desk has a plant
  • Buy sustainable over single-use where possible
  • Consciously try and make greener decisions!

We always try and make greener decisions where possible and always continuously learning about new sustainable and green choices that we can make in our office, in our landlord’s properties and where ever we can.

Lastly, we have a few suggestions for our Landlords and Tenants on how they can makeĀ  greener choices to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint - Amana Lettings
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