Why tenants paperwork is so important

So, you’ve got a new tenant moving in – wahoo! But what’s next? Have you registered their deposit within 30 days with a Tenancy Deposit Scheme? Have you provided them with an EPC? What about a Gas Safety Certificate?

Well, you might just want to check!

A recent court case, in which a landlord’s attempt to regain their property was deemed invalid due to a dispute over a gas safety certificate.

After that landlord was initially granted an order to repossess the property using Section 21 powers, the tenant successfully appealed on the grounds that they were not provided with a gas safety certificate prior to moving in…


Even though the landlord made this available once the tenancy had begun, the Court ruled that their Section 21 powers were invalid, referring to a previous similar case in which the certificate was made available less than two weeks after the tenant moved in. So, make sure you have all paperwork in order before the tenant moves in! 

  • Right to rent / how to rent checklist
  • EPC
  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • Inventory – with pictures, and signed!
  • Bin Collection Days
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Current providers of Gas, Electric & Water (contact numbers) and don’t forget those all important meter readings too!

Make sure you hand this to the tenant, and even have them sign to say they’ve received the above information. As an extra tip, we always send our tenants information over via email too, that way, if they ever lose any documentation, or require a copy, it’s easy to resend.