Amana Lettings' Lettings Director, SophieEarlier this week, we caught up with Lettings Director, Sophie ⭐

After having a record month of renting rooms, we wanted to know her secrets!

From what time you should arrive at your viewing to the all important follow up. So here goes, Sophie’s top 5 tips for renting your HMO rooms:

1) Inform current tenants 📞

As soon as the viewing is arranged – let your other tenants know. I know, you don’t have to as it’s a HMO and you’ll only be accessing the empty rooms along with communal areas but out of courtesy; afterall, the person you’re showing around may have to live with these people so it’s better to get started on a good note! It also gives the tenants a good chance to have a quick tidy of communal areas and either pop in and say hi during the viewing to get to know their potential new housemate, or, given current covid circumstances, have them stay in their room or leave the property curing the viewing!


2) Arrive early 🕞

This might seem so obvious when it comes to viewings but arriving 10-15 minutes early can make all the difference. Nine times out of ten – they will turn up early, so it looks more professional if you’re already there. In the 5-10 minutes you can check communal areas are tidy, switch on the lights, unlock the room, open the window and flush the toilet / run the shower to freshen the room up (if it’s been empty for a while!) You can also kill two birds with one stone here and have a catch up with tenants, check on any maintenance in communal areas and ensure compliance notices on the tenant notice board are up to date.

3) Know your numbers 🧮

One thing I’ve noticed about viewings is that prospective tenants will look at the advert, ask questions before the viewing, but have a mind blank at the viewing (or, ask repeat questions!) To avoid this, at every viewing we take a hand-out with FAQ’s on, which is also emailed over, automatically, after the viewing. It includes information like: deposit amount, rental amount, holding deposit, how to apply and what the process of applying is. You are guaranteed to have the tenant check this with you numerous times before / during application so if you can provide as much information over the phone, email and in a handout – the better! It also saves so much time if tenants know what referencing is needed before they view; for a lot of HMO tenants, this is the first time they will have rented so information which may seem obvious for you as the landlord, won’t for your prospective tenants!


4) Get across your USP 💭

One thing that’s always stuck with our tenants is our 24 Whatsapp / phone line service but it doesn’t have to be that. From bi-weekly cleaners to a move-in hamper, make sure your tenants know what makes YOU different and why they should rent from YOU. The rental market is crazy at the minute so you providing a Netflix subscription within your HMOs could be the difference between your tenant renting from you and another agent or landlord across the road! All bills included and superfast broadband are not a luxury anymore for HMO so what else can you and your rooms provide that nobody else can? Have a think and maybe include these in a follow-up email after your viewing, which brings me to my final point…


5) Contact, contact, contact 📩

It’s rare that tenants will view one room and make a decision – so it crucial that if you want this tenant then as well as the above, you’re going to have to do a bit of leg work! Are there any other rooms / properties you have available that would be better suited to them, based on what you found out from the viewing? Do they have any feedback or are you running any offers on the property at the minute such as “move in before the 1st and get your first month half price?” – these kind of deals usually do the trick!