Here at Amana, we understand that renovating your first property can be a very rewarding (but full on) task. This is why we’ve compiled a list to help!

Projects of this size can be prone to unforeseen issues and expenses, so being well prepared is key to a successful project. 


Get a Building Report

You should always commission a building report from a chartered building surveyor before buying. However, do bear in mind that a surveyor will not be able to uncover hidden problems and will not usually give an idea of the costs. Most of these reports come with recommendations – “The property may be at risk of x y z”, so you will probably end up paying a specialist in those areas to tell you yes or no, and whether you need to spend any money on fixing those issues!


Must-haves and Should-haves

What MUST the property have? Smoke alarms, a new carpet because the old one has hundreds of stains on. VS what SHOULD the property have (probably a fresh lick of paint in the living room?)

A conservatory is not a must have! Will it look nice? Yes! Will it add value? Probably not! Reach out, Amana are more than happy to have a free 30-minute with you to discuss your property if you’re thinking of renovating!


Have a Strict Schedule

Without a schedule the whole process can become chaotic, with tradespeople overlapping, and many jobs that could have been carried out at the same time to save on costs being undertaken separately. Also, some tradesmen charge if you put their jobs back. Most people think the process will take a lot less time than it will, and end up booking for new carpets in week 3!

Make sure you schedule lists what work needs to be done to the house, and in what order. In addition to having one schedule for the entire project, it is often helpful to break a project down into phases, such as ‘kitchen extension’, ‘moving bathroom upstairs’, ‘loft conversion’ and so on, and have a schedule for each.


Budget for New Electrics

Electrics in old buildings will often require updating — look out for old-fashioned fuse boxes, light switches, round pin plugs and fabric-coated flex.

To rewire a typical three-bedroom terrace measuring around 100m² will cost between £2,500-£3,000. This should include removing the old wiring, installing a new consumer unit and lifting and replacing the floorboards — it will not include replastering.



Take Progress pictures!

Yes! It’s 2019 – everyone loves a glow-up, and there is nothing more rewarding when you’re having an off day, staring at the wall that’s needed painting for 4 days, sitting with your head in your hands because that contractor has let you down AGAIN – take a look at those very first pictures, and see how far you’ve come! It’s also great to share the results on social media when you’re completely finished too!