With the New Year now here, and colder weather increasing, as well as storm after storm! 

Storms have left some homes in the UK almost completely under water! BBC reported that:

Prof Bentley is chief executive of the Royal Meteorological Society and her message is blunt – get ready for more.

She says a warming climate is causing more rain, bigger storms and – particularly in the steep valleys of south Wales – this will lead to more extreme flooding.

“These used to be maybe one in 100 year events, one in a generation events,” she said.

“Now they’re happening probably once every five years. And that frequency will probably continue to increase as we go forward in time.”

Amplo Lettings have decided to provide some helpful tips on how to prepare for this, and how to help vulnerable tenants.

1) Check in with your tenants, not just the vulnerable ones either!

2) Provide tenants with a list of helpful, emergency contact numbers.

3) Check that they know how to work the boiler, and that the heating is on a timer.

4) If tenants are heading away to beat the storm-blues, remind them to leave their heating on a timer / low setting to avoid pipes bursting.


It might be a good idea to pop round with some sealant and take a look around those downstairs rooms and windows to stop any leaking, as well as reminding tenants to take a look at their insurance! Not many insurance brokers nowadays will cover flood, or other natural disasters. Amplo Lettings take great pride in partnering with The County Group.

If you would like any further advice or help on how to deal with burst pipes, broken boilers and who’s responsible, get in touch!