With more than a third of UK households now renting, it can be an expensive business! If you want to make sure that you don’t fall down all the usual pitfalls of wasting your money on a bad experience, we’ve got some tips to help you improve the financial side of your renting experience this year.

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Deposit Protection.

Based on a recent survey by Shelter 1/5 tenants that are privately renting in the UK don’t know whether their deposit is protected or not. We know that some landlords will give tenants a whole bunch of reasons as to why they don’t need to protect your deposit, from telling you it’s ‘only a few hundred quid’ and is ‘easier to return’ if you leave it unprotected, to deciding that they’re not within the requirements for deposit protection.

ALL deposits relating to an assured shorthold tenancy agreement (that’s most private tenancies) starting after April 2007 must be protected.

Your landlord has 30 days from the date the deposit is paid over to protect it.

You should be sent an email (usually) that tells you where the deposit is protected, this should also have a certificate / reference number.

…and if your deposit isn’t protected: you can make a claim against the landlord for the return of the deposit, plus compensation of 1-3 times the deposit if any of the above are not complied with.