What do landlords need to know about the new lockdown?

After reading an incredibly helpful post over on the NRLA’s website last week, we knew our landlords needed to see it too!¬†

With¬†England plunged into a¬†new national lockdown landlords¬†will be relieved to know ‚Äď for the moment at least ‚Äď there have been no new announcements that will directly impact the PRS.¬†

However, a word of warning, there are likely to be further changes in the coming weeks, so be prepared.  

As it stands both house¬†moves¬†and viewings¬†can go ahead as normal¬†and the latest guidance explicitly says it’s¬†acceptable¬†to enter someone’s home to¬†allow them to¬†move¬†house.¬†¬†

However¬†it does stress that people¬†outside the household should not¬†help out¬†‚Äď suggesting professional¬†removal firms¬†are used¬†instead.¬†

Tradespeople can continue to work in other people’s homes provided they are doing so safely, following¬†government guidance.¬†However¬†it is sensible ‚Äď in a time of national lockdown ‚Äď to¬†avoid¬†non-essential works.

In terms of repossessions, the courts remain open (for now) so possession orders can be granted, however bailiffs cannot enforce warrants. 

This current ban on enforcing warrants, announced last year,  runs out on January 11, so it is extremely likely there will be a further announcement on this in the coming days. 

As regards student tenants, they are currently learning online, from wherever they are living.  


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As it stands this does¬†not have any impact on the tenancy agreement unless the landlord has agreed to include a break clause.‚ÄĮ¬†

Some universities were pushing for this in contracts after the last lockdown. Without a break clause it’s entirely up to the landlord¬†whether or not¬†to accept early surrender of the agreement.¬†

The NRLA continues to campaign for a comprehensive package of financial support for landlords and tenants affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with the news yesterday that more than half of landlords have lost income as a result of coronavirus. 

To read more about the campaign click here. 

The new lockdown is expected to see more tenants fall into arrears and the NRLA has a range of advice on its website on supporting tenants with Universal Credit claims and access to other forms of financial support, which can be accessed here and here.  

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