With the winter months upon us, Amana want to stress the importance of preparing your home for winter!

Over the next 10 days, we’re going to be helping you do just that! With some helpful facts and figures from confused.com, and how-to guides


Top Tip #1 – Bleed your radiators!

Handle one radiator at a time, and start with the one closest to your boiler. It’s a super easy task. 

Before you do this you should have a cloth and bleed key at the ready. And ensure your heating has been turned off.

At the top of your radiator locate the valve and turn it anti-clockwise until you hear a hissing sound.

Once the water begins to flow, just tighten the value once more and you’re finished.  Make sure you have the cloth to hand to catch any water that drips from the valve!


Top Tip #2 – Clean your Dryer vents!

Dyers can be a fire hazard, causing over 15,000 fires each year, so it is important to reduce this risk.

First thing, clean the lint filter. You can often find this component near the front of the dryer. Slide the filter out and scrape off any lint. You can use a vacuum to take out any lint caught in the lint trap too. Replace the filter after cleaning it. 

Next, clean the lint vents. You can find these at the back of most dryers. If you have any trouble locating them, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Take a flathead screwdriver and loosen the clamps. This will allow you to pull the vent away from the wall and the dryer. Next, hold the vent upright and use a dryer vent duct brush to brush down the piping.

Twist the brush when you pull it out, but make sure to be gentle. Repeat this until all the lint in the vent has been removed.

Then reconnect the vent and turn your dryer on for around 15 minutes. This forces air through the vents and will blow out any lint that may have been in the tubing or stuck in the outer vent.


In at #3 – Secure your outside space!

Before the worst of the cold weather sets in, it’s a good idea to make sure your gutters are clear of any debris!

This is important as they do an important job of carrying water away from your home, which can cause damp and resulting damage.

AND – do you really want to be taking the rubbish out to the other end of the garden, in -4 temperatures? Make sure you store your rubbish bins, securely, and away from vehicles!


Top Tip #4 – Secure your shed!

Sheds and outbuildings are usually covered by your buildings insurance for fire, flood and storm damage.

However, garden items typically aren’t, as these tend to come under a contents insurance policy instead.

What’s more, it’s worth bearing in mind that expensive items such as power tools and bicycles may not be covered as standard.


Top Tip #5 – Keep your car safe!

In an ideal world, we’d all have a garage to protect our second most expensive asset, but we understand that a lot of us either don’t have a garage OR use our garages as storage.

If it isn’t possible to keep your car in a garage, then try and make sure the vehicle is parked somewhere where it won’t be exposed to falling branches, or other types of debris.

….keep your eyes peeled as we release more helpful tips on how to look after your property this winter!