So, you’ve decided to rent!

So you’ve decided to rent a property… But what next? How long do you want the tenancy for? What if I can’t afford the deposit right away? What about my credit score?
There’s a lot to consider when moving into a property, head over to: for some helpful tips on what to consider when moving into your rental property!
Make sure you are financially prepared for the rent and the permitted payments. Set a budget! You might have a few grand saved up in the bank for a deposit and first months rent – but how will you continue to afford it? Most landlords and letting agents perform a soft credit check – these initial checks establish that you can afford the rent and therefore will make a good tenant. It’s important that if you do have any CCJ’s or anything that may flag up on a soft credit check, to be open and honest with the agency or landlord. How long do you want the tenancy for? A tenancy is usually a minimum of 6 months. If you are not sure, you can ask for a tenancy to be extended but remember there are costs involved in extending your fixed term tenancy agreement. For a list of things to consider, and places to find further assistance, please visit: https://d3qd5ly540y1aa.cloudfront.net/your-move/uploads/asset_file/How-to-rent-checklist-for-renting-in-england.pdf