With the winter months well underway, some parts of the UK have already experienced stormy weather over the weekend! With the awful conditions set to continue for a number of weeks.

This week, our blog is focussing on the importance of preparing for this type of weather, for landlords and tenants, to ensure their properties are safe!

As well as regularly checking the weather report, and covering your car windscreen to avoid missing out on a 30-minute lie-in, we want to make sure that you understand your responsibility as a landlord in a storm, and how to contact your tenant in the event of an emergency!

If you know a storm is on its way, we urge you to get in touch with your tenants and ask them if there is anything on the outside of the property that needs urgent attention – especially if it could prove to be dangerous! Things to look out for include fence panels, loose tiles, gas boxes flying open, and bins!

What about after the storm?

Following the storm, check your property for obvious signs of structural damage, such as loose roof tiles. It could be a good idea to ask if your tenants have noticed any damage to, so as to make sure they are safe.

Landlords are advised to take photographs of the damage and note down the time it took place so that insurers can tally this up with weather reports.

If the worst has happened, any structural damage to properties will need to be paid for through home insurance claims. Many firms will have 24-hour home emergency helplines that landlords and homeowners can call for advice on how to get repairs sorted as quickly as possible.

Landlords AND tenants, it’s also worth checking your insurance is up to date, and what it covers!