What to look for when buying a property

What do you look for when buying a property? Detached over semi-detached? Parking? How about how many electrical sockets are in each room?


But what do you look for when buying a property? When viewing a property – ask as many questions as you can! We always prepare a list that usually consists of;

  1. How many viewings has it had / Has it had much interest?
  2. Why are the vendors looking to sell?
  3. How old is the boiler and when was it last inspected?
  4. How many offers has it had?
  5. How long has it been on the market?
  6. Can I see electrical and gas installation checks/reports?
  7. How long is the lease (if it has one)?
  8. Have there been any neighbour disputes? What are the neighbours like?
  9. What renovations have been done?
  10. When was it last rewired?
  11. If a flat, how much are service charges and ground rent?
  12. Who lives upstairs/downstairs/next door?
  13. What’s included in the sale? White goods? Curtains? Wood burner?
  14. Are there any parking issues?
  15. If there’s a real fireplace, is it safe to use?
  16. Have there been any subsidence problems?
  17. What’s the council tax band? – Also check this yourself
  18. Has anyone ever been murdered here? (Google the address too!)

Take a look round for any signs of damp, and if it has a loft – take a look in there too! Take photos, and don’t be afraid to ask for more than one viewing, if you do, view it at different times of the day; you get a feel of the neighbours, and daylight makes spotting flaws easier, but the pounding music that will make your life hell may not begin until the neighbours get back from work!