How confident are you, that your HMO is conforming to all of the fire safety regs?

Birmingham City Council has recently taken action against a HMO landlord in its first civil penalty case, following the introduction of the civil enforcement policy earlier this year.

The HMO team has clamped down on its first landlord, with the hopes of bringing greater regulation to the sector.

The landlord was ordered to pay £2,000, why?

The property which housed nine people was found to be operating without a license… but that’s not all, the landlord also failed to appropriately fit the property with fire safety measures.  The new policy now brings powers to issue fines of up to £30,000.

In this instance, the immediate co-operation of the landlord with the investigation and the swift completion of the works to the property to a high standard meant that the fine was reduced (shame he couldn’t have acted so quickly when trying to obtain a HMO license!)

It is estimated that Birmingham has around 6,000 HMO properties across the city, all of which are required to be licensed. But to date, only around 2000 have applied to the City Council for a license.