Something we’re often asked at Amana Lettings is how to create attractive rooms for tenants. What are tenants looking for and how do we attract GOOD tenants?!

Is it about the communal spaces? Having a separate living room? A garden, en-suite or not to en-suite?!

There are many things to consider when investing in HMO in Crewe, so we’ve compiled our top 3 tips to refurbish the best HMO rooms in Crewe, to ensure you have minimal void periods!

1) Communal area vs large kitchen

We have a mix of HMOs at Amana, some with larger kitchens and breakfast bars, and others with a good sized kitchen and a living room. We’ve noticed that tenants would prefer to have a larger kitchen with a breakfast bar style communal area. It allows them to interact and relax whilst they’re cooking food too! You’ll also be forking out less money for sofas and extra furniture in a living room. The feedback we’ve had from tenants is that they just

don’t think they’ll use a living room, they’ll either be in their rooms, at work or cooking. So having a large kitchen is more appealing to tenants. With that in mind – communal areas in all en-suite rooms (which is something we’ll come onto next!) this may be the only time they interact so might not be as understanding with other tenants habits – the dishwasher, washing rota, cooking rota etc… these are all things to consider too. Throw in a communal area without putting TV points in their bedroom and you could really have your work cut out for you with management!

2) to en-suite or not to en-suite?

The question remains! We have a mix, and although en-suite rooms can fly off the shelves a lot quicker, they also come with a number of problems. Have you ever thought about getting a drain survey on your property that’s going from a 4-bed, 1 bath house to an all ensuite 6-bed property? The drains have gone from having 1 shower to 6, and 1-2 toilets to 6! This has a dramatic effect on the plumbing within the property and must be looked at to avoid causing further issues in the future. With everything that’s happened over the last 12 months, naturally, tenants are wanting to have as much private space as possible and to mix as little as possible.  

As well as this, what if the market saturates? Do you have an exit strategy? 

3) Those homely touches

Let’s be honest – it’s quite easy to make a bedroom into a HMO room – but it’s more about making it into a lovely co-living space that is going to make your tenants want to stay at the end of their tenancy. It’s about TV points in the bedrooms – do you just put a TV point or put a TV in too – how much extra rent will this bring you…there are so many things to think about. It’s about making YOUR HMO rooms different, and more attractive than anything else on the market. We’re often hearing about the Crewe HMO market being saturated – but it’s saturated with basic rooms – make your room stand out!

As the lockdown lifts, we’re happy to show any potential landlords looking to onboard with ourselves, around any of our HMO properties! If this is something that might interest you – then get in touch!