A-Z of property management


C is for Cleaners

If you don’t yet have cleaners for your HMO properties – what are you playing at?! As soon as the second tenant moves in, we strongly recommend that you have at least bi-weekly cleaners for them; they help ensure that the cleanliness of the property is maintained. Cleaners also look beyond the cleanliness of the communal areas, they can also keep an eye on the external maintenance of the property (i.e does the garden need looking at?)

As cleaners will be visiting the property regularly, it’s also a good time for cleaners to have regular contact with the tenants in the property. Tenants tend to confide more in cleaners about their personal situations.


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With cleaners attending the property every fortnight, you can also outsource more tasks to them (if they’re as good as ours!) Such as inspections, prompting tenants to report maintenance and checking for maintenance too. Also, if you time them right, they can even put the bins out in case your tenants forget!

Speaking of bins – always try and order the biggest kitchen bin (or two!) To ensure there’s no overflowing of rubbish within the property, the same for the outside bins too, it might be an idea to order a second bin for recycling and general waste; you don’t want your properties to attract any unwanted animals!