Since our last blog, we have come a long way from government advice, which has urged us to contact all of our tenants and provide the following message:

Firstly, their safety is our number one priority. We are strongly advising tenants to stay at home unless you are going to work, or to get essential items from the shops.

The official advice is for tenants to remain in their own room as much as possible, avoiding communal areas. Especially if you’re living in shared accommodation. 

We’re urging tenants to use separate cutlery and crockery, clean their own dishes and use a separate tea towel. 

 Where possible try to schedule routines so that the person self-isolating uses the bathroom last, uses separate towels and cloths, and cleans surfaces thoroughly.

Anyone visiting a property on your behalf – any Amplo Lettings representative, cleaners, tradespeople, inventory clerks – should be made aware if a tenant is self-isolating.  

We will consider whether the visit can be delayed.  If it is unavoidable (for example, an urgent repair) then visitors should avoid contact with the affected tenant and, again, follow hygiene guidance.

Do I have to pay my rent?

The government have advised that some homeowners can apply for a 3-month mortgage holiday, this does not mean that you don’t have to pay your rent if your landlord has a mortgage on your house.

All deferred payments (whether landlord or tenant) will still have to be paid. If you’re concerned that you may be unable to pay your rent in full, we will work together to come to a mutual agreement where any missed rental payments can be paid. If this is something you believe you will need, we will be asking you to complete a short form so we can agree a reasonable way forward.

What if I lose my job or my hours are reduced, and I can’t pay my rent?

If you lose your job / have reduced hours / your line of work has temporarily closed, you must let us know with immediate effect so we can support you with an application for benefits / SSP or a referral to the local council. We are also happy to assist with job applications upon your request.

If the you have a protected income (under the government’s 80% scheme), we may work with you to agree a reduced rent for three months, and a corresponding payment plan to catch up once the three months is over.

What if my landlord pays my bills?

Without rental income, we cannot pay the utility bills, not just the mortgage. At present, there is no government assistance for landlords for utility costs.

What about cleaning?

We will do all we can to maintain service levels including regular cleaning and maintenance. We ask if all tenants can also do their bit this will help us all get through this challenging time.

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