Amana Lettings & Property Management

Raising the bar when it comes to HMO & BTL across Cheshire.

Amana Lettings, (formerly Amplo® Lettings) are your local property investment, property development and property management company.

After launching Amplo® in 2019 alongside former business partners, director, Zoe parted ways in early 2021 to launch Amana – the go-to systemised, local Buy-to-let and HMO management company in Crewe.

Being a hybrid agent enables us to provide investors, landlords and tenants with a high-end, quality service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our streamlined, automated systems allows us to spend time with whoever needs it most, no matter what time of day or night and give our landlords live updates on their properties, be it enquiries, viewings or maintenance issues.

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Meet Zoe

Zoe is Managing Director at Amana Lettings, overseeing all landlord and investor operations.

She started her property journey back in 2013 after becoming an Operations Director for a Property Development Company, loving it SO much, she dropped out of uni (sorry, Mum!) to manage over 250 tenants, whilst being on call 24/7 – which is where she fell in love with property and running a business.

In 2017, Zoe took some time away from property, to gain more business experience; working in IT, Cyber Security, and Customer Services before launching Amplo Lettings alongside Matt & Scott in 2019. 2021 sees Zoe buying business partners out and becoming independent to rebrand as Amana Lettings & Property Management.

Interesting Fact:

Zoe enjoys going to the gym, studying meditation and mindset and currently runs three businesses!

Sophie Foxley | Amana Lettings | Property Management Crewe | HMO Lettings Crewe

Meet Sophie

Sophie is our Operations Director at Amana Lettings (making sure Zoe does her job properly!) As well as overseeing our sales, branding and marketing team.

Having studied business from a young age, Sophie brings a wealth of knowledge to Amana. Her background in photography, videography and marketing compliments our modern and fresh approach to the Lettings market.

Although Sophie isn’t necessarily customer facing, she is a crucial part in ensuring our day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible; from looking after our fantastic staff to making sure we’re doing our bit for the environment. 

Interesting Fact:

Sophie is currently studying Production Management at the National Film and Television School!

Amana Lettings' Lettings Director, Sophie

Meet Sophie

Sophie (yes, we know – another one?!)

Sophie is our talented Lettings Manager here at Amana, handling the day-to-day management of our tenants – from viewings to maintenance, she can do it all!

With an extensive background in hospitality and management. Sophie is transferring her skills to maintain our fantastic levels of customer service to our landlords, tenants, investors and contractors. In such a short time, Sophie has found new ways of finding tenants and improving our internal processes for both landlords and tenants alike.

Interesting Fact:

Sophie can say the alphabet backwards!


Amana Lettings | Amplo Lettings | Property Management Crewe | To Rent in Crewe

Meet Brenda

Here at Amana Lettings & Property Management, we understand the importance of maintenance; reporting, communication, quoting and quality! Which is why we’ve partnered with the fantastic team at DB Property Solutions who handle the process from report to invoice.

“As a property maintenance business we have the skillset and knowledge to attend to small – or large – issues that may arise throughout a tenancy, such as a dripping tap, a leaking toilet, a locked out tenant…..as well as the ability to replace a full kitchen or bathroom. We refurbish dilapidated properties too.”

Kevin Murphy | Employment Law Solutions | | Amana Lettings | Property Management Crewe | HMO Lettings Crewe

Meet Kevin

Kevin from Employment Law Solutions is our Employment Lawyer, helping us with our staff and HR here at Amana.

“We understand that both compliance and good customer service to landlords and tenants are vital to property businesses. We work to ensure that your business has the highest level of employment law compliance and establishes the expected standards for your team.

Should any of your team let you down, we ensure that we work with business owners to achieve their goals, whether that be re-educating the team member or managing them out of the business.  We work with employers to help their businesses run smoothly and cure their HR Headaches.”